How much for a custom Blythe doll?

How much for a custom Blythe doll?

How much for a custom Blythe doll?
I often see people on the Internet asking how much is the customized Blythe doll? Some people think that XX dollars are too expensive for the Blythe doll. Is customized Blythe really that expensive now?

I decided to do a survey! I joined the most popular Facebook group, Hello Blythe, and decided to add up the prices of the top 50 most popular dolls I saw (excluding freight) and calculate the average price. To be fair, I only saw customized Blythe - no dwarfs, no ice dolls, no "factory" or "tbl" dolls. If the price goes down, I will use a lower price, because it is obviously not sold at a higher price. When necessary, I convert all the prices into dollars.

Give you all some numbers:

  • The lowest price is $128 and the highest is $1678.
  • The average is $699 (the most common price) and $399 (eight out of 50 lists).
  • Only two are priced at $1600 or more. More than half of the dolls cost less than $600.

​Obviously, the value of custom dolls depends on different factors. The most basic dolls aren't expensive from the start (custom anniversary dolls, I'm watching you!) Has your hair been re-combed? What is it re-recorded with? What is the scope of sculpture and make-up? Is there art on the eyelids? Are there any non-stock institutions? What is the theme of the doll? Is this reflected in charm? What kind of eye patches does she have? Are they hand-painted? The most important question is, who made it for her?

Because the name means a lot - just like a luxury car costs more than a minivan, the artist behind the doll adds value to the doll, and an unknown customizer won't sell it at that high price. As customizers become more skilled, they should reap more value for their efforts, just as if you have superb skills, your employer should theoretically increase your salary. But customizer fees and market payments are two very different things - so some dolls stay there for a long time, waiting for someone to take them home.

You may see these nude factories starting at $69. Blythe dolls, released in 1972, start at $3,500 because they are rare collections. Modern customized Blythe dolls range in price from $80 to $4500, depending on the artist and customization level.

Customizing a Blythe Doll, what is the price you can accept? Please leave your opinion

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